The sessions will be from 11am to 5pm, with the last hour being reserved for lightweight duration models.
Competitions will run from 11am until 2.00pm, followed by 2.00pm until 4.00pm general flying, leaving the last hour for lightweights only.
If anyone has a view on the timing, let me know and we can discuss it.

The November meeting was eventually well attended after a slow, foggy start. Respect is due to Neil Stewart and Tim Milner who travel long distance to attend out meetings. Neil has an 80 mile drive from Sheffield!
Pete Dolby usually accompanies him, but is currently unwell. We send you our best wishes Pete and hope that you will be back soon. Talking of Pete and Neil, I should mention that they both got very good results at the BMFA Indoor National Championships. Winning Gold, Silver and several Bronze awards between them. Pete has got a claim in to the BMFA Tech Committee for the outright record (Gold Award) for Limited Penny Plane in the UK within the hall size. It is being considered at the next ITC meeting and I will let you know the outcome. Congrats to both of them. We are really lucky that we have 3 National Champions in our group. There are also fliers who do not enter comps who have a wealth of knowledge in all of the areas of indoor flying, from catapult gliders, to ornithopters, scale and outright duration. Don't be reluctant to make use of that knowledge.
We covered our costs at the meeting and some fliers very generously made an extra donation. This, together with the "Tombola" at the next meeting will give us some breathing space. Tom Crompton, Dave Whitehouse and myself have several ideas which should see us safe for quite a while if they come to fruition. More news about this as they happen. Your attendance is still key to the success of the group. We had a couple of potentially new members who visited and were very welcome.

There was a good variety of model flying today. Ospreys were there for the competition and still continue to come in a variety of configurations, showing some good initiative. "Tweetie Birds" (yes they do fly!), scale models sports models, Bostonians, Neil's F1M, Legal Eagles, etc..

This year, we are awarding the John Barker Memorial Trophy to the flier who improves most in Osprey over the NORWIND 2 rounds

The Results - Round 1
1st - Tom Tomlinson - 2:59:94
(I was trying for 3 mins, but had to abide by my own rule of NO FAVOURITISM  and always ROUND DOWN scores!
2nd - Tim Milner - 2:52
3rd - Dave Horsfield - 2:20

The configuration of the hall ceiling made the outcome a bit down to luck. Several much better flights were spoiled by hang ups. The Osprey is well capable of over 3 min flight s in a decent size hall.
Round 2 will take place during the May meeting, which will make some nifty calculations necessary if we are to award the trophy at that meeting. We will have to convert all of the scores to seconds.
The next competition (December, held on November 24th because of school exams in the hall), will be "Tweetie Bird" and we will have our usual "Tombola" to raise funds,
Don't forget that there is also a "Fun Fly" Velodrome meeting on Saturday 16th November 11am - 4pm


(apologies for the personal offer. I just thought that one of the group might be interested, so first offer is to the group.
If you were considering asking for a "Zombie " flight controller, etc, for Christmas from Atomic Workshop
I have a new, in packet and unopened, complete, ready to install outfit for sale comprising :
Order Information - Order #1754
Qty.    Products    Total
1 ea.    130mAh Ultra High Discharge Rate Lithium Polymer Cell    £5.95
1 ea.    Zombie Flight Profiler    £24.95
1 ea.    Voodoo 25 Power Unit    £17.75
2 ea.    28AWG Connector Assembly (WHITE)
Gender - Plug (male) £3.00
2 ea.    28AWG Connector Assembly (WHITE)
Gender - Socket (female) £3.00
Will Need a Li-Poly charger in addition. (have a word with me if you haven't got one)

Cost from shop:£54.65 Sub-Total: Plus £6.80 delivery
The reason that it is for sale is that I was asked to obtain one for an Australian modeller who now has stopped responding to my mails...    I'd accept £50 if someone in the group is interested. I have two already. One in my Veron SE5a and the other in my Chance Vaught.
If nobody is interested, I'll put it on Ebay

Hope to see you at the Velodrome and/or the next meeting.

John Barker Memorial Trophy


Hi Everyone,
We hope that you are having a good summer and managing the heat ok.

I thought that we should bring you up to date with the hall situation, as rumours will already be circulating.
Just a week ago Dave Whitehouse was told that we (and the BMFA group) will no longer be able to use the Rochdale hall. It had been taken over by new owners who have decided to let it on a permanent basis for roller skating/blading.  The timing could not be worse for NORWIND. Schools have just broken up for the summer, making it very difficult to start negotiations for a new venue in time for a September start. We are also having some difficulty in getting a refund of the £185 which we have paid in advance for the September meeting. I believe that the BMFA group are challenging the decision on the basis that there is a contract. If they succeed we may be able to do the same.
In order to ensure that we have a venue for September, Dave Whitehouse has worked flat out during this week and has managed to get the use of a school hall in Lowton , near Leigh, which we can have for at least the year. Dave says that it isn't as big as Rochdale, but is very similar to the Clayton Green hall. He deserves considerable credit for this and we hope that you will reward his efforts by continuing to support the group. Access is very easy from the M6 and the A580 East Lancs Road. I don't have full details yet of address, etc., but will update you as soon as possible. If you know of any members who are not "computerate", we'd be grateful if you could pass on the word. I will obviously be updating the website as I get more information.
I understand from Dave that we are likely to get the same times and dates that we would have had at Rochdale, so that is good.

Now for some better news, again involving Dave! He has managed to arrange four meetings at the Velodrome over the season. I don't have the dates yet, but I know that there will be three "fun" days and the usual NW Gala. I'll keep you in formed via email and the website. It helps if you check your mail regularly, as it is the quickest way for me to pass on information. I'm not on Facebook, so I can't contribute to a facebook group.

Dave, Tom Crompton and myself met a couple of week ago and have finalised the competition schedule for the season. The format is much the same, but some new models, including a first attempt at a capacitor powered duration model built to Penny Plane specs, tissue covered. Tom has done a trial and the design is influenced by the need to prevent the models outflying the hall. I will put all of the rules for the comps in a mail and website very soon. You will have no difficulty in building the model to weight with model shop wood! No Boxy Bipe this season, but at popular request A6 Foam is in!
The Penny Plane "expert" class will stay the same at four minutes and we will adjust it if the new hall makes any difference.

We have decided to award the John Barker Memorial Trophy to the flier whose performance with the "Osprey" improves the most over their best previous time. This rewards effort and makes it harder for the "Experts" to win every time. Adding 10 seconds at the top end is much harder than adding forty seconds as you develop the model and your skills!
While I'm on the subject of John Barker, we decided that it would be nice to send a copy of the trophy to John's daughter Gill. The family were thrilled and I attach her reply below:

Dear Tom
The postman has today delivered an exciting parcel - the trophy that you sent!
Words can hardly express how happy I am to receive this super trophy.  It seems to sum up so completely Dadís passion over his last few years to create the Osprey class.   It is a wonderful trophy and will have pride of place on my mantelpiece.
Many thanks again for your kindness in thinking of our family and generously sending the copy trophy.

Kind Regards

Gill Jennison

Keep an eye on you email inbox and the website for further details.
Tom, Tom & Dave

We hope to see you all in September.

Stephen Lewis has set up a Facebook group called "The Free Flight Model Aero Club". Feeel free to join if you are interested.

TRIBUTE TO JOHN O'DONNELL (14.8.1932 - 18.4.2017)   (J O'D is seen 3rd from the right above early 2017)  Perhaps THE greatest free flight aeromodeller from the UK ever.
A full tribute to John can be found here