The sessions will be from 11am to 5pm, with the last hour being reserved for lightweight duration models.
Competitions will run from 11am until 2.00pm, followed by 2.00pm until 4.00pm general flying, leaving the last hour for lightweights only.
If anyone has a view on the timing, let me know and we can discuss it.

John Barker has designed and prototype tested a new class which has been ratified by the BMFA. It is very similar to the "Legal Eagle" class and Legal Eagles can be adapted to conform very easily. We will run BOTH "Legal Eagle" and "Osprey"concurrently at future meetings, with separate certificates for each class. The "Osprey" rules were given as a handout by Dave Whitehouse at the meeting and I will also post them on the "Rules" page 2  of the website:


The second season of NORWIND is underway. We survived the shock ejection from Clayton Green and the concensus seems to be that the move to Rochdale was a good one. The hall is bigger, brighter and we get two hours more for the same outlay.
On the whole, attendance has remained good. We had a wobble at the end of the season, with the May an June meetings making a significant loss. Hence the value of the Christmas "Tombola". We will not be running a June meeting this season (although it was brilliant for me, as I was able to fly my F1D in relative safety.. it doesn't take much to damage a 1.4g model!).
I was having a conversation with a long standing flier in the group and it became clear that there isn't clarity about the funding arrangements, so Just to put that straight, the funding arrangements are as follows:
NORWIND has to be run under the auspices of the BMFA in order to be able to hire the hall. All venues now demand proof of indemnity. We don't however, receive any funding from BMFA for the NORWIND meetings. Dave, Tom and I underwrite any overall loss.
So far, we have not had to fork out, except that we personally provide extras, such as photocopying, certificates, website costs. It costs me £60 pa to fund the website, £40 per set of inks for printing and £20 for paper suitable for printing certificates. We manage the occasional prize out of funds , which are ably cared for by Tom Crompton. Dave Whitehouse and Tom see to all of the hall booking issues and Dave also takes on the onerous task of arranging and running the Velodrome meetings. Although not strictly a NORWIND event, Velodrome meetings would be unlikely to happen if Dave didn't organise them. Funding for the Velodrome is via the BMFA. Most times there is not loss and might even be a slight profit, so it isn't a big financial burden. Compared with the outlay for other forms of flying funded by the BMFA, indoor freeflight is peanuts. Via Dave and attendance by our members, NORWIND contributes to the indoor freeflight activity in the NW in a significant way.

Hi Everyone,
The roundup from the NORWIND Decmber 2018 meeting at Rochdale:

The December meeting was really well attended with fliers travelling quite a distance (such as from Sheffield).
As usual, we held our annual "Tombola" with Tom Crompton doing stirling work. Thanks to everyone who contributed, both in the giving and in the ticket buying. The Tombola gives us a nice cushion against months when we fall a little short for hall fees.
Everything except one item was sold... guess who contributed that item.. ME! It was a Depron foam electric model which is actually a good flier! We didn't want to take it home, so it was donated to our mainstream electric flying fan Fred Howell. I hope you enjoy it Fred. If I was keeping it, I would replace the nicads with a 10f Capacitor. Go easy with the charge to start with...
There were a large variety of models apart from the Boxy Bipes (which were being flown in the competition). Colin had his flappers, Dave Crompton earned a well deserved round of applause for a lovely flight with a Swiss decorated model (I didn't get to see precisely what it was), Dave Whitehouse was having some success with his Penny Plane and "Stringless Wonder. There were scale models being prepared for the January 19 competition. Mark Brill had a lovely Grumman Avenger and Barry Williams had a Peanut Seamew (see the pics on Gallery 8). I had brought along a new catapult Glider (3g), but as I had feared, the fuselage was much too fragile and I got the dreaded "flutter" on anything like a decent launch. The Fus has since been replaced!
We missed John Barker, who is not well at the moment, but we hope that John will be back flying with us soon.
I also had the sad new that two modelling friends who flew for many years have passed away: Charlie Fitzpatrick and Don King. Charlie has not been for a few year as his wife Margaret suffered from serious health problems before her eventual death. If anyone has a contact with Charlie's family, would you pass on our condolences please. Don King , Peter Turner and myself started indoor flying at the same time with the original NORWIND Wigan group run by J'OD. Don was a really lovely man and we are sorry to hear the news of his death.

THE DECEMBER 2018 COMPETITION -  Capacitor "Boxy Bipe"

I have to admit that although I built mine in an afternoon and it flew easily, I thought that the competition would be boring and just a matter of putting in a single flight on full charge. How wrong I was!
We had 10 people who actually put in scores and some who didn't! It soon became apparent that there is much to learn about these little beasties and like all comp models, it is extracting the last few seconds which is by far the hardest.
I suspect that the eventual winner (Peter Dolby) had been doing some secret Yorkshire based research.. he blitzed all of us! Most people (including me) were flying direct drive motors with very small props. Peter was using a 10:1 drive with a much bigger prop to very good effect. Neil Stewart gave us great entertainment with his model which went straight up to the ceiling like an F1C running at 30k rpm and seemed intent on trying to punch its way through the roof to freedom!
The eventual results were:

1st - Peter Dolby - 1:36
2nd - Tom Tomlinson -1:12
3rd - Tom Crompton - 1:08

After the presentation of the certificates, we made a surprise presentation of a CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION to Alan Crompton for all the timekeeping he has put in over the last few years. He sometimes literally spends all of his time clock watching for other fliers. He is averse to anything digital, so he never gets to see the "thank you"s that I post in mails or on the web, so we thought we would award him a certificate! Typically.. he modestly apologised for not being able to time on Sunday, as he was having eye trouble!

Velodrome News: A reminder that there is a fun fly on 23rd Feb 2019, followed by the NW Gala (freeflight only) on March 16th. Dave Whitehouse is finalising the rules re flying slots and rubber allocation, etc and will let me have the details soon. There are difficult choices to get the most classes in such a short day. We can't cover the costs of a longer day.

The January 2019 meeting will be for Kitscale and Peanut scale, which usually well represented.

In the meantime Dave, Tom and myself wish you a good Christmas, a healthy 2019 and lots of flying to come.
Finally.. I have tried to make the NORWIND website a little more modern in appearance. If anyone finds a typo, etc.. please let me know.



Dave Whitehouse has finally got confirmation of the Velodrome dates:
from 10am to 4pm, 29th Sept, 27th Oct and 23rd Feb 2019 for Fun Fly events,
with half hourly slots for Free Flight and Lightweight Radio.

The BMFA NW Gala is booked for 16th March 2019 from 9am to 5pm,
and will be a similar format to previous, catering for duration models, and scale flying.
TRIBUTE TO JOHN O'DONNELL (14.8.1932 - 18.4.2017)   (J O'D is seen 3rd from the right above early 2017)  Perhaps THE greatest free flight aeromodeller from the UK ever.
A full tribute to John can be found

Hi everyone,
I recently received this mail from Dave Whitehouse who co-ordinates all our hall bookings.
As you see, it opens up yet more uncertainty about our use of school halls. This is not just about Lowton as SLS are the agents who manage community bookings for the whole of the local region.
It doesn't mean that we will not be able to book in future but that we will have to wait to see what system emerges from the Adminstrators. It does mean that we are unlikely to restart before Christmas at least.
The Velodrome is a separate system and Dave is going to make some initial contact to feel out what the near future may hold.
This probably the point at which the group is in most danger due to members becoming fatalistic about the outcome. We will do all we can ensure that the group can meet again. At the moment, we are more concerned with keeping everyone safe than the hall issues. Dave is a pretty persistent person and eventually we will find something.
We will keep you informed of developments.
Hope you are all keeping well and safe.
Tom Dave & Tom

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: SLS Bookings <>
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 at 21:18
Subject: SLS @ Lowton C of E High School has sent you a message
To:  <>

Dear David Whitehouse

The message below has been received in your Inbox:
The Covid-19 lockdown restrictions introduced in March had an immediate impact on SLS. We lost access to the facilities at our partner schools, academies and colleges used by you and thousands of other community groups we work with.
Overnight we lost our ability to generate income - an impossible position for any business. We responded in the best way we could which was to take advantage of the furlough scheme to protect over 1,100 jobs which we have created over eight years and hoped that things would quickly return to normal.
It soon became apparent that the pandemic and the restrictions imposed by the government, particularly in relation to the use of sport and community facilities, would not be resolved quickly.
The government introduced the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS), which was designed to help companies like us, and after several applications to access the funds we were unable to find a lender to support us.
With the furlough scheme ending in the coming months, and the unsuccessful CBILS applications, we needed to consider SLSís future.
During the last few months we tried every route to find a way through. Without a timescale for when the business may be able to restart, we have had to reach the hardest decision which is to place SLS into administration and close the business.
We accept at times recently our communication as a company may not have been as forthcoming as it could have been but this position was based on the legal and commercial advice we have been taking during this difficult time.
We want to say a huge and heartfelt thank you for everything you have done for SLS, our schools and your local community.
In the last eight years, our belief is there has been a positive impact in every community we have worked in. As a team we have been able to give over 11,000 community groups like yours access to facilities to do the things they love and thatís something we will always be proud of.
Last year, 25 million people visited our schools thanks to community groups like yours and since 2012 SLS and you have helped school and colleges throughout the England generate more than £20m in additional funds thanks to your support and passion for your activity.
In the coming days, the administrators Fortis Insolvency will be in contact with more details about your next steps.
Without Covid-19 and the pandemic things would have been hugely different, thank you again and we wish you every success in the future.
Kind regards, Scott and Paul.

SLS  Team