Bostonian Rules - NORWIND version (adapted to suit our hall and time requirements)
There have been several versions of Bostonian rules in recent years. As the purpose of the event is to encourage newcomers to the scale and/or duration events the rules set down by Walt Mooney would seem to be the most appropriate.
These are :
Maximum wingspan 16 inches
Maximum wing chord 3 inches
Flying surfaces to be covered with Jap tissue or thicker

Maximum overall length 14 inches (thrust button to rear extremity)
Minimum weight 14 grams (without rubber)
Maximum prop diameter 6 inches
Capable to rise off ground At least two wheels
Fuselage must contain a ‘box’ space of 1.5 x 2.5 x 3.0 inches and must have a transparent front and side windows of at least 1 inch x 1 inch
In addition the prop must be a commercial one piece plastic prop. It may be cut down to the appropriate diameter but other alterations to the blades should be on one blade only in order to balance the prop. This is to discourage excessive tweaking of the prop by thinning the section etc.
Flights are to be rise off ground with the total airborne time noted. Any number of fights may be made.
If you enjoy 'Legal Eagle', then 'Bostonian' will be your kind of model. There are a lot of Bostonian plans on the net and even a kit available (Prairie Bird). If you haven't come across the class before, See Tom's Bostonian in Gallery 5.Lots of plans on the Outerzone website and mags. The 14g rule means that you can use ordinary balsa shop wood. No need to buy Indoor comp stuff. We have made it easier by stipulating a commercial prop. I have just finished mine and it came out at 11g with two coats of thinned dope and no attempt to keep the glue to a minimum.! (I'll have to find somewhere to hang 3g of ballast!).