Here is a link to a good YouTube video about indoor flying. Thanks to Sean Cull!

Nick Aikman sent this link to a superb video of top level F1D flying:

You can see videos made by Andrew White of our Legal Eagle mass launches.

Reg Boor flying his scale Arado at Manchester Velodrome:

Dave Crompton - Piper Super Cruiser at Manchester Velodrome:

Joe Heys with Lacey M10 at the Manchester Velodrome:

Tim Horne's "Snout" 14g Bostonian at the Manchester Velodrome

Dave Crompton's 14g "Speedster" Bostonian

Pete Fardell's "Chub " Bostonian

Stephen Lewis- Zombie powered Sopwityh Triplane

Tom Tomlinson' "Osprey" at Manchester Velodrome